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Business Facebook – Beginner


New to Facebook for business or just like to know more ?

This workshop is geared toward beginners who want to make sure they have all their ducks in a row or just starting out.  We begin with explaining the difference between a Business Page and a Friend Page.  Take you through the creation of a Business Page, ensuring you have it set up properly.  We go over the difference between a friend, a follower, and a fan.  We introduce you to ways to build your fan base.  We also go over sure ways to grow your page.  We discuss the differences between community and group types.  Did you know you can manage your business page right from your smart phone?  We give you tips, tricks, and pointers.  Plus, we go over when and what to post.  We then finish up with questions and answers.  We also provide free on the spot page analysis.







TripAdvisor • Yelp • Google – Step-by-step set up


Would you like to set up and manage TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google pages but not sure where to start?  

This workshop is geared toward beginners who want to be walked through a step-by-step set up of TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google.  You will need to bring your laptop or tablet and 20 digital photos showing off your business.  We then finish up with questions and answers.  We also provide free on the spot page analysis.





Facebook Advanced


Would you like to know more about your business Facebook page to optimize your time spent on Facebook?

We are looking forward to helping you to delve into your Facebook for business.  We show you time saving features Facebook has that most people do not know about.  Can you tag on Facebook Business?  Yes, you can!  We will show you to manage your Facebook Insights.  You can know who is visiting your page, what time of day/week is most popular for you; so you can know what is working best for you.   Show you tips in using Page Manager and how to use it to your advantage and other ways to manage your page.   We will show you how to use Ads Manager to promote  your business, specials, and events!  We conclude with questions and answer.  We also give you a free on the spot page analysis!







Would you like to build a website using WordPress but, just now sure how?

Never have done anything like this before? No problem!  We walk you through, step by step, on building your WordPress website from scratch!  We walk you through choosing the layout that works best for you, utilizing a color scheme that fits your brand.  We show you the vast world of plugins that will allow you to do pretty much anything you want on your website!  We will walk you through widgets, their wonderful purpose and how to put the one you need in place to work magic and provide your information in very attractive and catchy manner.  Last, but by no means least, we walk you through setting up the SEO – Search Engine Optimization on your website… our thrill is to see your website and/or landing page(s) on page one of Google!